The Three Musketeers

Nelson Black, Cliff White and Hayley Brown

Our goal is to first provide a safe, clean, and functional environment  for all our animals.  Then we focus on making careful breeding decisions to improve the genetics of our herd, thus, improving fiber and conformance.

Our farm is named Two Flags Alpaca's because I (Cynthia) am a California USA, native. Tom, was born and raised in England.  We met almost 18 years ago in California.  We have recently moved our whole house-hold to Georgia from California.  Last summer was a real quick lesson in farming in Georgia!   Hot and humid. 

We are now looking forward to watching spring unfold and summer.  We started our adventure in Alpaca farming in December of 2009, with 3 female alpacas, all California girls, whom we purchased from Lassen View Alpacas in Cottonwood, CA.  Since Lassen View was only about 6 miles from us, Lin and Steve Murray really helped us learn the many aspects of this business.  Today, they are just a phone call away! The 3 girls, became 4 when cria (baby) Canterbury Belle was born to LV Aleutian Dream in March 2010. 

Two of our girls (Dam's) were pregnant when we moved them and in April 2011, Aleution dream produced Georgia Belle, then in May, LV Chichina produced our first boy,  Burley.  Now we had 6 alpacas.    After we arrived in Georgia, we purchased 6 more alpacas, again from Lassen View.  We had them shipped in November.  In this group we had 2 males (herdsires).  

Now, we have a small herd of 12.  

We have just sheared all 12 alpacas and they are happily rolling in green grass.  Shearing was a really fun day because 30 of our new friends came over, ate breakfast, and participated in the sheering process.  A special thanks to Kyle O'Rorke, our shearer, who got all the kids who wanted to help involved and working!  It was a fun day!  The farm is also home to 11 California cats, 2 California dogs, 1 Georgia dog, 5 Georgia hens and a Georgia Donkey. 

The story continues July 7th 2014

In November of 2013 we attended the Royal Alpaca Challenge in Conyers, GA and showed two of our girls. First time showing for us so it was a major learning event. We actually took a 2nd place with our newly acquired girl Reign, and a 4th place in the light grey class with our other newly acquired girl Storm Warning.

At the start of this year we decided that we needed more pasture for our Alpacas, and so with that in mind the great fencing project of 2014 got under way. All was going well until we had a series of equipment failures that ate into our budget substantially. We have had to scale back our design but will still do 1.5 acres.

In March we sheared everyone and had an enjoyable day with our friends who came to help. A good breakfast was had by all and then the fun commenced. Thanks again to Kyle O'Rorke who was able to Get all the girls and boys involved who wanted to.

This year we have had 3 cria born. Admiral Lord Nelson, a boy was born on memorial day, White Cliff, another boy was born on the 75th anniversary of the Normandy Landings and Hayley Belle was born on a Sunday while we were out at another farm loading up our trailer with hay.

Update July 31st 2015

This past year has been quite busy for us expanding the herd.We also showed two of our home grown boys, Thunder and Sargent Hupp at the Royal Alpaca challenge taking a third placing in both classes.

We were also training Cliffy, Nelson and Hayley in preparation for showing at the Virginia show in early March however the show was cancelled due to bad weather and by the time it was re-scheduled it was too late for our guys as they had been sheared.

In April, May and June this year, 2015, we have had 3 more cria born. 2 girls, Hazel and Magnolia and a boy, Bodie. Bodie did not have a very good start to his life. His mother did not get the mother bit and seemed to ignore him. He got dehydrated and had diarhea so we whisked him off to University of Goargia Vet school, where he stayed for around 6 days. when he came home he was on antibiotics and was doing well until for some reason our dog, Cooper, got into the pasture and attacked him which caused him to lose his left eye. We have him back with us now and we are pleased to say he is doing really well. He is a special animal as he has what is called wrinkle skin which is a sign of extremely fine and dense fiber which we are really excited about.

We will be training Hazel, Magnolia and Bodie in the hopes that we will be showing them in Virginia this coming spring. We are also intending to show Cliffy and Nelson at the Royal Alpaca Challenge this coming November.